Travel Diary – Kampung Baru, KL (Part 1)

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This is a story that Pak Aziz of Sukasuka Lake Retreat in Perak relayed during the second leg of my Culture, Heritage and Nature Delight tour.

The retreat is in a very rural part of Malaysia – we’re in the middle of a kampung (Malay village), where life runs at a different pace and where it seems in many ways like time has stood still. Pak Aziz talks about how he once hosted a group of Europeans and led them on a nature walk through the kampung.

The fruit trees and bushes that line the walk are interspersed by clusters of small rubber plantations.

As the group passed one of estates, they spotted an elderly Indian woman in a traditional sari tapping rubber.

Fascinated by the sight of a native at work in this rustic setting, one of the group decided to take some photos. Through Pak Aziz, they thanked her as they were leaving.

Their jaws dropped when she turned and asked,

“And where might you be from?”

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Kampung Baru, KL


I like to describe Malaysia as a blend of the old and the new – of centuries-old traditions and modern skyscrapers, of cutting edge technologies co-existing with exotic customs. 

Yet as I was planning my fourth trip to Malaysia for the year, I was keenly aware that my previous stays there had almost exclusively been centred around the new.

My KL jaunts had been characterised by walks and cab rides between my hotel and the shopping hubs of KLCC/Bukit Bintang. I’m all for glitzy malls and chain restaurants but these backdrops had dominated more than a few of my travel snaps.

Sometimes it was hard to tell if the photos were not in fact taken in Sydney.

So when I was approached by KL-based People Express Travel about joining their new tour, I jumped on the opportunity. It was about time I took an off-the-beaten-track approach to my home country.

This was my experience.

(Continues tomorrow…)

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Bagasta Boutique Hotel, Kampung Baru

Hosts: Kak Intan and Pak Teh

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MUD Musical Theater | Kampung Baru Walkabout | Chow Kit Wet Market



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Nasi Lemak CT Garden | Kak Som’s Kelantanese Food | kuih from various street stalls



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Tour guide – Mr. Shaukani Abbas (two-time winner of Tourism Malaysia’s Tour Guide of the Year Award) Some photos in this series are courtesy of Mr. Shaukani.

Tour Designer – S. Diana Nasution

Tour Company – People Express Travel, KL

Tour Package – 6D/5N Culture, Heritage and Nature Delight

People Express Travel logo

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