Jackie M Prepared Meals and Pastes – Special Offer Packs

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I’ve been making and distributing a range of frozen Prepared Meals since my business launched, and in the last couple of years I have added a selection of Curry Pastes, Sides and Condiments.

My target demographic – busy families who like the option of having some meals they can simply heat and serve mid-week, or at least, in using my pastes, save them time in the kitchen.

Now, thanks to demand, I’ve produced special offer packs for bulk buys – and they’re GREAT especially if you’re buying for the office, or are going away for the weekend etc.

Here’s the link to the pricelist – just right-click and save to download Jackie M Special Offer Bulk Buy

Orders are sent in insulated packaging next business day via courier; price includes Sydney metro delivery but we can ship interstate (contact me for rates)

Email me at jackie@jackiem.com.au / call 0425 797 718 if you need further information 🙂

If ordering in smaller quantities or to check out other items not listed here, visit www.jackiemshop.com.au 


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