Jackie M’s 10-Day, 9-Night Durian & Culinary Tour of Malaysia

Since Covid travel restrictions ended in 2022, Paul, Noah, and I have visited Malaysia five times. During some of these trips, we teamed up with our Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) chefs and YouTube content creators like the Dodo Explorers and the Jetlag Warriors. Other times, it was just the three of us. We even joined an exclusive » Read More

My Prawn Durian Sambal – The Story Behind It

There's a story behind this dish. The Malays use fermented durian (tempoyak) in a number of dishes including in a prawn sambal (it's called Sambal Tempoyak Udang). Back when I had my restaurant here in Sydney, my Malay staff (Iza and Tawfik) taught me how to cook this dish but because we didn't have any fermented durian on hand, we used the » Read More

Martin Yan In Sydney – What’s On, Where

When I first came to Australia in 1984 I watched an Australian TV chef misconvey how to handle a basic Asian ingredient (rice vermicelli) on breakfast television. It made me so angry I swore off watching cooking shows, and the passage of time hasn’t really repaired my cynicism about TV chefs (I’ve never even watched my own cooking segments on » Read More

ChatGPT vs Foodies Against Revolutionary Technology

So, last week, one of my online students threw me a curveball — could I demonstrate how to use a Thermomix to cook non-Thermomix-specific recipes? Now, I have some 400 recipes on my website (the one and only jackiem.com.au) but most of them weren’t written for a Thermomix audience. I figured, why go back to the drawing board and reconstruct my » Read More

Does Jackie M Still Do Markets Post-Covid Lockdowns? Here’s The Scoop

Curious about whether I still do markets post-Covid lockdowns? The short answer is, yes I do. But before I get into what markets you can find me at, and what I now sell, here’s a bit of an update since I last published about my in-person (IRL) activities back in early 2020 (check it out here >> » Read More

Laksas of Malaysia: Episode 2 (Street Food Journeys 4)

How to Cook Laksa Terengganu, Laksa Melaka, Laksam, and Laksa Lipat Gulung   In this episode of Street Food Journeys, we travelled to Terengganu Cultural Village courtesy of Tourism Terengganu, to learn how to make Laksa Terengganu (two versions - white and red). The beautiful backdrop of the Terengganu Cultural Village (photo courtesy of » Read More

Street Food Journeys Returns With Series 4 & 5 Filmed In Malaysia

MEDIA RELEASE 26 August 2022 Street Food Journeys Returns With Series 4 & 5 Filmed In Malaysia Tourism Malaysia's Street Food Journeys is back with two new series, Laksas of Malaysia and Malaysia: Melting Pot of Asia, to once again showcase Malaysia’s culinary diversity through the lens of Sydney-based former restaurateur Jackie M. and her » Read More

Lobster Rolls At The Rocks, Sydney

One good thing about having South African digital marketer Paul Gray in Sydney with us is that it allows me and Baby Noah to play tourist in our own city.  Now that we're at the tail end of winter (we conveniently missed 5 cold, wet La Niña weeks thanks to filming and travelling in Malaysia) we've spent our weekends exploring Sydney's unmatched » Read More

Holy Heffa Burger Truck in Edensor Park, Sydney

 Edensor Park was where we settled when my parents, younger sister and I first arrived in Australia back in 1984, and it was in that part of Sydney where I got my first after-school job delivering pamphlets and the local newspaper (remember The Champion, anyone?) in the area. Even though I no longer live out that way, I do go to nearby » Read More

Penang Island: Eat & Stay (Street Food Journeys Road Trip)

Penang Island is synonymous with street food, and it was appropriately our first stop during our Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) road trip throughout the Malaysian peninsula in July 2022. What did we eat and where did we stay in Penang Island? As mentioned in my introduction last week, this is by no means a comprehensive list - we were » Read More