30 Days, 30 Asian Ingredients – Periscope Series

I guess I’d always known that there’s something of a learning curve involved as far as the topic of Asian ingredients is concerned.

This became starkly evident to me when I was working on my Truly Malaysian Street Food at Home cookbook, when my American editor struggled to keep up with half the stuff in my recipes.

“What is thick caramel sauce doing in a savoury dish when it’s something you would put on pancakes?”

“How about we remove belacan from the otak-otak recipe since most people would either not know what it is or know where to buy it?”


I’d made a couple of half-hearted attempts at covering Asian ingredients in previous blog posts –

The Beginner’s Malaysian Pantry

Malaysian Pantry Ingredients

…but I know I’ve barely scraped the surface of this topic.

So I’ve come up with this genius idea (it is, because I say so) to cover 30 Asian ingredients (one per day) in 30 days through daily Periscope broadcasts –

Periscope (for the uninitiated) is a mobile app that allows you to stream live at the push of a button. If you follow me there – http://periscope.tv/jackiemsydney – you’ll get notified when my broadcasts are about to start, so you can hop on and type questions/comments that I can answer live on air.

I will be saving these broadcasts so you can always catch up later, but of course, you won’t be able to interact with me if you only watch the recordings.

By the way, while I’ve run live broadcasts via Google Hangouts-on-Air for years, Periscope is new to me, so come join me so when I become a star on that platform <ahem> you can brag about how you are one of my first followers 😉

Where – periscope.tv/jackiemsydney

When – daily from 25 January

What – 30 Days, 30 Asian Ingredients with Jackie M.

Finally, if you know any friends who could benefit from learning about Asian ingredients, I’d be honoured if you could share this with them. See you on Periscope starting Monday 25th Jan 🙂

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