Introducing TeebTV – A Regional “Netflix-for-Indies”

Back in late June, I made an announcement about my appointment as a co-founder of, a “Netflix-for-Indies” startup based in Indonesia and Malaysia. Ever since then, I’ve been inundated with messages regarding my original post, so I’ve decided to compile a quick introduction and to clarify some common misunderstandings about TeebTV.

What we are NOT – 

– We’re not Netflix, nor do we claim any association or partnership with them; “a Netflix-for-Indies” is how we encapsulate what we are, in a catchy soundbite 🙂

– Commissioning new projects

– Buying your content

What we ARE – 

– A platform on which you can submit your completed work for us to showcase/air to our audience, primarily in Indonesia/Malaysia and on a wider scale, Southeast Asia and globally. Check out for examples of some of our current content.

– A startup, with partnerships in place and continually being negotiated, that will allow us to push our content to an ever growing audience.

– Supportive of indie filmmakers – this is our focus and niche – we understand how tough it is to get your work seen, and we’re here to help you do so.

What we seek – 

– Content of all kinds, in all genres, from around the world. You can submit them via the Submit Content link at

Please note if content is in a language other than English, Indonesian or Malay, we will require subtitles in one of these languages.

What our audience gets – 

– Free content in the form of short films, music videos and animations.

– Premium content (accessible via paid subscription and PPV offerings) – this will be rolled out once we’ve built up our content library – these will consist of feature films and TV shows.

What we offer you – 

– For both free and premium content – access to our dedicated, regional audience.

– For premium content (ie. TV shows and feature films), a revenue-sharing agreement (contact me for a draft), where you will get paid for every instance of your show viewed by our paying audience.


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