How to Make Chor Muang (Thai Royal Steamed Dumplings)

One of three rare Thai dishes traditionally served to the Thai royal family, Chor Muang is a steamed dumpling delicately formed into flowers using a pair of tweezers with serrated tips. The purple colour is obtained from the petals of what we call bunga telang in Malaysia; though you can achieve the same effect with food colouring. Chef Wassana is one of the most highly sought-after chefs within Shangri-la Chiang Mai, where her skills are in high demand, and I’m privileged to have learned from her.


For the filling –
200 g Minced onion
300 g Minced chicken
300 g Minced prawn
2 tsp Garlic
5 g Fish sauce
3 g Salt
300 g Palm sugar
200 g White sugar
1/2 cup Water

For the skin –
1/2 cup Rice flour
2 Tbsp Tapioca flour
1/2 cup Water
Extract from anchan flower (Thailand) or bunga telang (Malaysia)
*for colour


For the filling –
1) Stir in all filling ingredients over medium heat for about 15 minutes or until almost all the water evaporates. Transfer into a bowl and let cool.

For the dumpling skin –
1) Mix the flours together then pour some boiling water into it and stir with chopsticks to mix, then knead into a soft pliable dough.
2) Extract colour by squeezing the bunga telang flowers which have been submerged in a glass of hot water.
3) Use extract from the flowers or purple food colouring and mix with the dough mixture.

For the dumplings –
1) Roll some dough and form into a small ball. Flatten the ball and add a teaspoonful of filling in the centre and then squeeze into shape.
2) Next, using tweezers, form the ball into a flower.
3) Place in the steamer. Drench with some water before steaming over medium heat for about 10 minutes.
4) Pat some oil before taking them out of the steamer using a spatula.
5) Serve with crispy fried garlic.

Chor Muang at the Shangri-La Chiang Mai

Chor Muang, Shangri-La Chiang Mai

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