How to Render Duck Fat | How to Make Duck Crackling

The only time I’ll eat duck (or chicken) skin is when it’s crispy, so rather than discarding it, I decided to remove all the skin from the duck in this live broadcast, and render it to obtain duck fat. I also wanted to use up every last bit from this duck (I’m Asian, after all) so I made crackling from the skin. Removing the skin and fat also meant the braised duck dish from this same session was a lot less greasy than it would have been otherwise.


To render duck fat, remove the skin and fat from the duck and transfer into a heavy-based pan – I used my cast iron pot since I figured it’d be a good way to season it at the same time. Cook on low heat until all the fat is melted from the skin. Strain and store duck fat in refrigerator.

To make duck crackling, fry it until crispy. You could fry it in the duck fat or do as I did (since it wasn’t evenly crispy post-rendering) and do it in an airfryer at 180C for about 15 minutes, give or take. Allow to cool, then break into pieces. I preferred mine as crumbs, so I blitzed them in a food processor.

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