Thermocook Pro M Giveaway & MSFA Launch Masterclass

If you caught my Lockdown Malaysian Cook-Alongs from several weeks back, you would have seen me use the Thermocook Pro M in some of my sessions. You would also have heard me mention that the company behind the appliance, Froothie Australia, had generously offered one of these units as a Giveaway to my subscribers. Subsequently, due to Covid-19 restrictions, there were some delays in getting stock levels replenished, hence why I wasn’t able to do the draw during the lockdown series.

I’ve now been advised that the Thermocook Pro M is going to be available again by the end of this month (August 2020 as I write this), so I have scheduled for the draw to tie in with another event I have coming up this weekend on 29 August.

This is my Malaysian Street Food Academy (MSFA) Launch Masterclass where I will be running a free Live session covering my favourite food topic and area of specialty, ie. Malaysian street (ie. hawker) food. If you’re interested in joining the masterclass here are the details >>

Sign up for the masterclass >> 

When: 9.30pm Sydney time (GMT+10) on Saturday 29 August

Where: Jackie M’s Malaysian Street Food Kitchen Facebook Group

Importantly the Thermocook Pro M will only be available for shipping to Australia & New Zealand, so the winner will need to be based in either country.

Also, importantly, apart from the educational component of the MSFA Masterclass, I will be relaunching MSFA (after several months of running it in beta mode) with a very different, new offer. So if you’re interested in mastering Malaysian cooking by learning from me in my online coaching community, make sure you sign up to attend the masterclass, because I will have an exclusive offer that will only be available to those who signed up.

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday evening Sydney time 🙂

Jackie M.


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