Travel Diary – Kampung Baru, KL (Part 2)

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I receive my itinerary from the tour designer, Diana, a couple of days before I leave Sydney. Right away, I spot a familiar name in the document.

My tour guide is going to be Mr. Shaukani Abbas, who is a mutual Facebook friend of Aspaliza.

I’d been hanging out with Aspaliza every trip back home in the last year. What a small world, indeed.

Shaukani is famous on Facebook for posting travel photos of people holding signs that say “WISH YOU WERE HERE” and “YOU SHOULD BE HERE”.

That’s why I remember him – it’s quite a clever way to set yourself apart from the bazillion Facebook posts that cross my page each day.

Shaukani with Kak Intan

Yet, if he thinks I’m going to be caught posing with such cheesy signs myself, he has another think coming.

No way, Jose, Mr. Shaukani.



Tour Designer – S. Diana Nasution

Tour Company – People Express Travel, KL

Tour Package – 6D/5N Culture, Heritage and Nature Delight

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