Travel Diary – Kampung Baru, KL (Part 2)

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I receive my itinerary from the tour designer, Diana, a couple of days before I leave Sydney. Right away, I spot a familiar name in the document.

My tour guide is going to be Mr. Shaukani Abbas, who is a mutual Facebook friend of Aspaliza.

I’d been hanging out with Aspaliza every trip back home in the last year. What a small world, indeed.

Shaukani is famous on Facebook for posting travel photos of people holding signs that say “WISH YOU WERE HERE” and “YOU SHOULD BE HERE”.

That’s why I remember him – it’s quite a clever way to set yourself apart from the bazillion Facebook posts that cross my page each day.

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Yet, if he thinks I’m going to be caught posing with such cheesy signs myself, he has another think coming.

No way, Jose, Mr. Shaukani.


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Tour Designer – S. Diana Nasution

Tour Company – People Express Travel, KL

Tour Package – 6D/5N Culture, Heritage and Nature Delight

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