Ramadan Around Malaysia – My Google Hangouts-On-Air

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I’m almost scared to announce this for fear of jinxing these Live Broadcasts but here it goes! After a 3 months+ enforced hiatus from my weekly Google Hangouts-On-Air thanks to my relocation nightmare that included a failed internet service restore, I’m back in the game with a vengeance.

I’m running a series of 8 Ramadan-themed Hangouts-On-Air in collaboration with Google Singapore right through the month of July.

Jackie M - Quick and Easy Durian Ice Cream (using Dry Ice) - YouTube

Screenshot of a past Hangout-On-Air.

Ramadan, for the uninitiated, is the Muslim fasting month of the year, and what’s fabulous about Malaysia’s multicultural mix is that the other ethnic races (eg. the Chinese like myself, the Indians etc.) get to partake of and enjoy the sumptuous feasts that take place at the daily breaking of fast.

In this series of Hangouts, I’m going to virtually travel around 8 different states in Malaysia – with a focus on the ones I have recently visited – so in each broadcast, I’ll be covering the cuisines that uniquely represent each of these Malaysian states – both the better-known food hubs like Penang, Melaka and Perak (Ipoh) as well as the less-heralded but very intriguing regions like Kelantan and Sabah. This is going to be fun!

As a bonus, I’m running some of the Hangouts from Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur and Singapore – yes I’m leaving on a jet plane first thing tomorrow morning for Malaysia again, having just been there last month – more on that later.

Here’s my announcement about the series –

If you have a Google+ account, be sure to circle me at http://google.com/+jackiem to be notified about these Hangouts; if you don’t, you can watch them, either –

– Live via YouTube when they happen – just click PLAY here – https://jackiem.com.au/street-food/hangouts-on-air/
– Or catch the recordings anytime after the events – http://youtube.com/jackiemsydney .

Don’t forget to post comments and questions on the YouTube links or in Google+ within the respective events, and as long as they’re not troll-like I’ll be sure to respond 😉

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