Malaysian Cooking De-Mystified on My YouTube Channel

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More than a year after I closed my Malaysian restaurant, and even after disconnecting my landlines and cancelling all call redirection services, I still get tracked down by determined diners trying to make table reservations.

I also get a lot of enquiries about cooking classes – thanks to my busy schedule however, they’re currently on hold.

Cooking Class; photo courtesy of James & Ken Burgin

Cooking Class; photo courtesy of James & Ken Burgin

In the meantime, did you know I have a YouTube channel with over 100 videos – all original content – on Malaysian cooking?

It’s not quite the same as having me right next to you, but it’s the next best thing; plus it’s all free!

I reveal all my techniques, shortcuts and ingredients in these videos, including these highly sought-after recipes –

How to Make Popiah Skin

How to Flip Roti Canai

How to Make Seremban Beef Noodles

How to Make Char Kway Teow

How to Make Mee Goreng

I’ve also created a number of Playlists in my Channel, including one called Malaysian in Minutes – which is a collection of quick and easy Malaysian dishes.

The videos are a mixture of the following broad categories –

1)      Hangouts-On-Air – where I cook a dish more or less from scratch in a Live Broadcast with very little to no edits.

These videos by their very nature run for about 20-45 minutes. Some people complain they’re too long, but they’re missing the point – if you play them from start to finish, you WILL glean valuable tips and insights into how I approach the cooking process that may not necessarily be covered in highly-polished and heavily-trimmed videos.

Noodles 5- Penang Hokkien Mee (Har Meen) & Singapore Hokkien Mee - YouTube

If you’re Malaysian you’ll know how closely and jealously all the famous hawkers/chefs guard their trade; in these broadcasts, I don’t hold anything back, and if you’ve ever eaten my food, you’ll KNOW I can cook 😉

2)      Short videos edited for brevity for the benefit of those with short attention spans 😛

3)      General interest Malaysia/Jackie M-related videos eg. Behind-the-Scenes of one of my recent TV projects, announcements etc.


So please  –

4)      LIKE the videos if you find them helpful

5)      COMMENT on them and I’ll respond

6)      SHARE the videos with your family & friends; and most importantly –

7)      SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel

New content is added regularly – and apart from saving thousands in cooking lessons from me, you too, could one day open your own Malaysian restaurant 😉


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