The Great Goat Curry Cook-off #jackiempun Competition!

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This event has been talked about for weeks on Twitter and we’ve finally set a date – on 10 November I will be participating in a Goat Curry cook-off with two wannabes (j/k) for a good cause – Down Syndrome NSW. Full details are in the Event itself –

Please join the event AND buy tickets to secure your place for what will absolutely be THE biggest Goat event in Sydney for the year (you’re wondering what other Goat events we were up against – to which I reply – Exactly!)

And that’s not all!  The goat puns started coming in thick and fast during the Twitter back and forths, which made me think – why not another #jackiempun competition?

As usual, my good friend and uber pun champion, The Food Pornographer, has agreed to be the judge.  These are the rules as laid out by her –

Entries can be on anything:  food, movies, TV, songs, celebrities, anything to make us laugh but must include a goat-related pun and hashtags #jackiempun #GGCCO 

Comedians like Billy goat Connolly might kid around butt we’re not! Get punning!

No really, just focus and Goat for Gold!


Entries close Sunday 3 November and the winner will get a collection of products carried by Jackie M valued at $150 sent direct to their (Australian) address!

You can enter by commenting on this post, posting on my FB wall (, or simply posting on Instagram/Twitter/Google+ – as long as you use the hashtags mentioned above, we’ll find you!


Sup Kambing

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