7VEN Messenger Bag – My Review

7VEN Messenger Bag by AlpakaGear.com

Full disclosure – I’m friends with one of the founders of Alpaka Gear, so I was very fortunate to have been sent one of the prototypes of the 7VEN Messenger Bag, which I received earlier this week. The Kickstarter campaign for the bag only launched less than a day ago as I write this –


I lead a pretty active lifestyle – I often have to attend corporate meetings, plus I travel (with baby Noah in tow) AND I do a lot of Live video, sometimes on-location. I NEED to pack a lot of gear with me, that is easily accessible and doesn’t look out of place in different settings.

This usually means lugging at least 3 bags each time I leave the house (nappy bag, handbag, laptop bag or backpack) or making do without some items.

In contrast, this is what I’ve been able to pack into my 7VEN Messenger bag –

  • Purse, credit card pouch, keys, pens, makeup/toiletries
  • Tripod, SLR camera, mobile phone, laptop, digital notepad, tablet, 4G modem, phone charger, earphones, glasses
  • Noah’s supplies – spare nappies, wet wipes

Only some of the things I can fit into my bag

It’s also surprisingly comfortable over my shoulder (you’d think I’d be struggling but not at all) and it’s water resistant so I have no problems taking it along to my outdoor markets.

Jackie with AlpakaBag

Yours truly at Concord Hospital Market with the bag

I usually have a box next to my front door where I keep all the bags I use; as of yesterday, ie. since I started using my 7VEN bag, I’ve thrown them all into storage.

There are over 20 features listed on the Kickstarter page, along with add-ons so make sure you grab yours now before the campaign ends.


The Kickstarter campaign has already met its target but this is a great opportunity while it’s running, for you to pick up one of these bags at the special Kickstarter price. If your life is anything as hectic as mine, this will completely change the way you carry your gear.

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