Food Fame – Auria Abraham, AKA New York’s Sambal Lady

You know a Malaysian product is good when even Malaysians rave about it. I’d heard about Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen’s famous sambal, but did not at first realise The Sambal Lady and I had a lot in common.

First of all, Auria and I both went to the same high school back in Malaysia – Convent Seremban – she was in the year below me, though I’m not sure our paths ever crossed. We both then ended up overseas, gave up our professional careers, and started Malaysian food businesses in our adopted homelands.

In this Live video interview for my new Facebook community, Food Fame, Auria recounts her journey from music to food, and how she niched down her business to just one initial product – her award-winning chilli condiment (aka “sambal”), which earned her the moniker of “The Sambal Lady”.

Watch the replay here to find out more about how Auria managed to generate publicity in the lead-up to the launch of her homemade sambal (and now, kaya) business, and the nuts and bolts of producing and distributing her products across 55 stores in New York >>

You can buy Auria’s Sambals and Kayas online for delivery within the US at >>

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