Holy Heffa Burger Truck in Edensor Park, Sydney

Edensor Park was where we settled when my parents, younger sister and I first arrived in Australia back in 1984, and it was in that part of Sydney where I got my first after-school job delivering pamphlets and the local newspaper (remember The Champion, anyone?) in the area. Even though I no longer live out that way, I do go to nearby Cabramatta every week to stock up on Southeast Asian cooking ingredients; it’s basically my forever ‘hood.

So we were quite excited when the owners of the popular Holy Heffa Burger Truck, Andrew and Dianna, invited us to try their burgers recently – I love talking to other food business owners and exploring their setup, whereas Paul (then newly-arrived from South Africa) is something of a connoisseur of burgers himself. And Noah, of course, will go anywhere that serves good chips.

Scrumptious burger from Holy Heffa Burger Truck

Whilst there, we had a chance to sit down and chat with Andrew, and I got Paul to record it on video so we can share it with everyone. As a former restaurateur myself and having grown up in a family that sold food, I’m very keen to capture the stories behind these food businesses (my parents started out as hawkers back in Malaysia, and we all worked at the Odeon Cinema canteen from childhood until we moved to Australia).

I learned that Andrew started out with a corporate background, but decided to give up his career to run his own business; his wife Dianna has her hands full with their young children, but still manages to help out when she can.  I came away with a lot of respect and admiration for what they do; plus the burgers were absolutely delicious. I especially LOVE that they have converted an old bus to use as a sheltered dining area, so we were able to eat the food in a cosy space.

Inside the converted bus used as dining area

In this video, I asked Andrew three quick questions about Holy Heffa – 1) how often do they change their menu? 2) when are they open? 3) whatmakes their food different from what you would find at other burger joints or burger trucks?

Paul Gray and Baby Noah enjoying the food (Noah’s having truffle fries)

I’m usually too busy these days to write about my dining experiences here in Australia, but I thought this was worth sharing, so I hope you enjoy 🙂

Holy Heffa Burger Truck is located in the grounds of Fred’s One Stop Shopping at 661-671 Smithfield Rd, Edensor Park NSW 2176, and at the time of writing, they are open Thursday-Sunday from 6-10pm

Customers starting to gather at Holy Heffa Burger Truck early in the evening shortly after they opened



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