Laksas of Malaysia: Episode 2 (Street Food Journeys 4)

How to Cook Laksa Terengganu, Laksa Melaka, Laksam, and Laksa Lipat Gulung  

In this episode of Street Food Journeys, we travelled to Terengganu Cultural Village courtesy of Tourism Terengganu, to learn how to make Laksa Terengganu (two versions – white and red).

The beautiful backdrop of the Terengganu Cultural Village (photo courtesy of Rosita Heilek)

We saw how the laksa noodles were made using a traditional giant mould suspended over a cauldron of boiling water. 

Yours truly having a go at making laksa noodles the traditional way

Then, we were joined by local expert Gayah Bt Yusoff, who taught me how to make both types of laksa sauces. The white sauce is more popular, according to Gayah – it tastes similar to the white laksa sauce in Laksa Kelantan and in Laksam – and it’s very easy to make.

The red sauce, to me, was one of the standout recipes of this series; it contained kerisik (browned coconut butter) and small amounts of two different prepared spice mixes I’ve yet to come across outside of Terengganu (let alone here in Australia). 

I would personally replace them with Malaysian curry powder if I were to make it back home in Sydney – at least until I have a chance to stock up on local ingredients next time I’m in Malaysia.

Laksa Terengganu with red sauce (top) and white sauce (bottom); both versions are served with the same noodles and garnishes

This leg of our Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) July tour was joined by The JetLag Warriors and their fellow full-time YouTube travel vloggers, The Dodo Explorers, who, as it turned out, had more in common with me than I realised – they were both former IT engineers, AND Lenovo fans. I first picked that up when I saw Michal editing their videos on a Lenovo Yoga on the bus throughout our travels – prior to that, he used to use a Lenovo ThinkPad, but that got stolen when they were in Pakistan. 

Michal (left), one half of The Dodo Explorers, The JetLag Warriors in the background, Paul Gray and Baby Noah in the foreground, and Rosita Heilek on the right

But, I digress, except to point out that I have a Lenovo tablet, a P11 Plus, on offer as a Giveaway to coincide with this series, along with a number of other fabulous prizes including That Rendang Lady Zaleha Olpin’s cookbook, My Rendang Isn’t Crispy, some aprons from our show, some of Maznah’s products from her segments, and more.

More details about the Giveaway can be found at the bottom of this article on our MOMC website –

Our Masters of Malaysian Cuisine Chefs clockwise from left to right – Zaleha Olpin, Dave Murugaya, Jackie M (moi), Rene Juefri, Bob Adnin and Johari Edrus

(Left to Right) En. Yad from the Terengganu Cultural Village, Paul Gray, Mazna Merten, Rosita Heilek, and Ivana from The JetLag Warriors, helping themselves to the Laksa at lunch

This episode also features –

  • a segment hosted by Debbie Teoh at The Bendahari, on the famous Laksa Nyonya Melaka by Jennifer Tan of Donald & Lily Melaka
  • how to make Laksam by our Michelin-trained chef Rene Juefri with Zaleha Olpin
  • MasterChef Malaysia judge Johari Edrus on camera with his son Rene for the first time, demonstrating his Laksa Lipat Gulung (laksa rolls)

Zaleha Olpin and Rene Juefri (Johari) with Laksam

MasterChef Malaysia judge Johari Edrus and Michelin-trained executive chef Rene Juefri with Laksa Lipat Gulung

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Street Food Journeys: Malaysia is a web series produced in partnership with the Tourism Malaysia Australia Sydney Office.

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