Japanese Cooking Classes In Japan

If ever you’ve wondered why I don’t post Japanese recipes, that would be because I don’t cook Japanese food (I love eating it though).  Which is why I adore the concept behind airKitchen, a service that provides foreign travellers with a chance to visit an ordinary Japanese family, learn to cook from the host, then sit down for meal at the end of it.

I’m hoping to take a class or two next time I visit Japan (last time I was there was pre-smartphone days, so I’m long overdue for another trip). The classes are held all over Japan, and they run the gamut of ramen noodle-making to sushi chef-led lessons.

I’ve posted some images courtesy of airKitchen; clicking on any of them will take you to the website where you can check out and book the experiences directly.

FYI if you book a class via the links on this page, I receive a small commission which will go towards a useful cause (eg. baby Noah’s supply of rice cakes, his favourite snack du jour).

Check and book over 300 cooking classes in Tokyo by airKitchen

Finally, while we’re on the topic of cooking lessons, make sure you check out Wok Around Asia, my soon-to-be-launched platform for Asian (more narrowly, Southeast Asian) food coaching, by a certain “Queen of Malaysian Cuisine” herself.


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