Jackie M – Chef Koochooloo Ambassador

I’m happy to announce that I have just become the new ambassador for Malaysia on ChefKoochooloo.com.

Chef Koochooloo

Chef Koochooloo is a free educational app aimed at teaching children new skills such as math, science and geography through cooking healthy recipes. Through the app, you can navigate through an interactive 3D globe to discover new countries to cook from and what kind of recipes you might find at each different location.

Chef Koochooloo’s mission is to bring together families and kids from different cultures through food and nutrition. If you’re a parent or a teacher, this could be a really valuable and fun tool to teach your kids about culture, food and learning.

As the Malaysian ambassador for Chef Koochooloo, I’ll be contributing three recipes per month for their app & website. As a Malaysian-Australian, I love the idea of children learning more about different cultures all around the world and here in Australia and what better way to do this than through food?

Visit ChefKoochooloo.com or download their app by clicking here and keep an eye out for my Malaysian recipes!

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