Jackie M’s Thermomix Review

I think the first I heard about Thermomix was round about when The Katering Show’s YouTube series came out (warning: language).

I really didn’t know much about it and figured it was sort of a glorified blender for people (read: rich Westerners) whose diets consisted mainly of healthy dips and smoothies.

I don’t do “healthy”, and I don’t do dips or smoothies. In other words, my interest in checking it out was really non-existent.

Then I met Zona. If you know Zona you’ll know she’s an ardent Thermomix consultant and evangelist. A Thermo-evangelist if you will.

Somehow she managed to convince me to spend an afternoon testing my Laksa Nyonya recipe on her Thermomix.

It worked out brilliantly. I went away thinking of possibilities with this strange new machine.

The Thermomix isn’t going to replace everything – it doesn’t deep-fry, bake or do high-heat wok charring. If you make stock from bones in large quantities like I do, you’ll still need your stock pot.

There are, however, a bunch of dishes that I don’t make as often as I’d like – dishes that require me to stand in front of a stove stirring for hours. Splattering oil all over my kitchen. There are others I don’t attempt at all – Nyonya curries that require fresh ingredients that are fibrous and hard to mill. That sort of stuff.

I think the Thermomix could handle a lot of them. So I invested in my own Thermomix and it was delivered a week ago today. I’ve been experimenting with it – so far I’ve made Har Meen (prawn noodle soup), red bean sweet soup and garlic chilli sauce (recipe in next post).

Questions about the Thermomix? Email me directly at jackie@jackiem.com.au.

Pseudo-Har Meen - noodles in prawn broth - made with the help of my Thermomix)

Pseudo-Har Meen – noodles in prawn broth – made with the help of my Thermomix)

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