How to Make Sambal Belacan

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Sambal Belacan, a simple, quick and easy recipe.

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This shortcut method to make Sambal Belacan is the same recipe I use in my business, and it is extremely popular among my customers.

400 g fried shallots
600 ml water
2 Tbsp chicken stock granules
150 ml Fish sauce
80 g Belacan (shrimp paste) powder
150 g crushed dried chillies
300 ml red palm fruit oil (Carotino) or vegetable oil
1 cup sugar

I use belacan (shrimp paste) powder but you may also use the more traditional form of belacan, which is in a block available at Asian grocery stores. Thai shrimp paste that comes in a jar would work just as well.

Do not confuse shrimp paste with hei ko, which is a treacly, dark product that’s used in rojak (Malaysian fruit salad) and as a topping in Penang Assam Laksa.

I mentioned in this video that if using belacan block that you would toast it before using; however, if you fry all the ingredients for at least 5 minutes, the belacan would be cooked through properly anyhow, so the toasting component can be skipped in that case.

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