Jackie M’s Sarawak Travel Diary

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I’ve had at least 2 people tell me they’ve been enjoying my travel posts – 3 if you count #babyNoah (alright, he didn’t actually say it but I could tell) – and this has been enough to spur me into action. I plan on compiling them from now on as video content for my YouTube channel.

First up – Kuching, Sarawak – and to fill in the gaps in the following video, here are some points about my trip –

1) This was my first time ever to Sarawak – my impression of it, after travelling through the by-comparison postage stamp-sized Peninsula Malaysia – is that it is vast, with a hint of the Wild West about it – it reminded me of Texas, actually.

2) The Empurau Fish – I only remembered to take a snap AFTER I’d taken a bite out of it – clear proof I’m not like those sad foodies on Instagram 😛

3) The “UFO” – I completely forgot to take a pic of it altogether – further proof I’m great dinner company because I don’t hold up everyone’s enjoyment of their food before I’ve taken 200 photos from 50 different angles. For the record, it’s a crispy oyster omelette, and it was superb.

4) Fun fact about the seafood dinner Chef Liou took us to – I mentioned it on Google+ the following day and what do you know – one of my Google+ followers from Sarawak pinpointed where we ate – because he saw me therehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxvlKp-76io

5) Our Sarawak trip didn’t get off to the most auspicious start, and for that I blame my travelling companion Robb Demarest for choosing to get a haircut and picking this salon that had a yippy little dog in-residence.

I managed to step on its doodle as I walked in – then spent the next 30 minutes washing the crap off the soles of my shoes. The salon owner was so embarrassed she forgot to apologise, and Mr. Demarest somehow thought it was hysterically funny. It wasn’t.


I hope to be able to return to Sarawak and actually venture outside its capital next time. The food is unique, it’s off the beaten path as far as travel destinations are concerned, and it’s filled with countless stories of the unexplained. All in all, it’s got GREAT potential as a location for our Asia:Food.Travel.Mystery project.

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