New Year, New Site – And I Am Going Sailing. Apparently.

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aka All Aboard The Steamboat13343_198873088543_554273543_2903656_1777907_n

It’s the New Year and  it’s time for me to ‘fess up. I have a phobia – I can’t read about myself or watch myself onscreen.

All these newspaper articles, blog reviews, etc. – scanned them through very briefly at best. Usually I just check that the photo of me is half-decent before I disseminate them on social media.

Jackie M SMH Good Living




This must come as a relief to the food blogging community, among whom I have what is surely an undeserved reputation for being thin-skinned (moral of the story – use a hawt photo of Jackie and she will share your blog post with her million+ followers).

Nor have I ever fully watched a clip of myself on TV – I’ve fast forwarded through some of them, or played them in the background while I’m suitably occupied, or muted them every time I appear, and that’s it.


This aversion has come at a cost, as you can well imagine. It took 3 months for me to spot a date error on my media bio profile, for instance. Minor edits in other stuff that I missed because I couldn’t bear to read through what’s been written about/for me.


The one that takes the cake, however, has to be a TV proposal prepared by a production company for me to send to Malaysia. Instead of going through it with a fine-toothed comb, I took a glance, thought it looked pretty and professional, and forwarded it on.


Steamboat photo used with permission

It contained a sample scenario where I would explore this particular Malaysian location famous for its steamboat. Which is well and good, except I missed the part of the proposal that went on to describe how Jackie M would climb on board the steamboat to enjoy a meal in there.

If you know anything about Asian food, you’ll know what a steamboat is – it’s a metal hotpot containing broth for DIY dining at your table. Not generally something you could board to sail down a river in. I certainly hope my Malaysian sponsors have a sense of humour or I’m going to have to send in an extraction team to recover the document.

Anyway, this is my roundabout way of announcing my new website is now up – – I’ve scanned through it but do take a look yourself and if you spot any glaring errors – you’ll know why 😉




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