Laksas of Malaysia: Episode 4 (Street Food Journeys 4)

How to Cook Laksa Sarang Perak, Easy Curry Mee and Vegan Laksam

Laksa Sarang by Chef Amin at Mu Hotel, Ipoh

Laksa Sarang (literally, bird’s nest laksa) refers to the egg that’s beaten, then poured in a thin stream into hot oil to create a nest-like effect. It’s served on top of the laksa, which adds a beautiful crispy texture and rich flavour to what would be recognised as a sour fish-based (asam) laksa. Chef Amin, the head chef of Mu Hotel in Ipoh, Perak, demonstrated how to make Laksa Sarang in this episode of Street Food Journeys: Laksas of Malaysia, and provided his insights into how to produce a rich and flavoursome broth.

 Chef Amin from Mu Hotel in Ipoh, Perak, with his Laksa Sarang from our web series, Laksas of Malaysia

Laksa Sarang ingredients

Also in this episode, Malaysia’s most well-known vegan chef, MOMC’s very own Dave Murugaya, showed me how to make a vegan version of Laksam, which is an East Coast Malaysian variation on laksa, served with rice noodle rolls. Laksam is usually made with fish, but if you didn’t know, you would not have guessed that the Laksam served by Dave was in fact vegan.

Vegan Chef Dave’s Vegan Laksam from Street Food Journeys: Laksas of Malaysia 

Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) chef Dave Murugaya with his Vegan Laksam

Also in this episode was yours truly’s segment on how to make an easy version of Curry Mee, based on a more elevated version that our MOMC chef Debbie Teoh once made in a different series.

All these recipes were included in our Masters of Malaysian Cuisine eMagazine which was published shortly after the series.

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