Malaysian Food/Movie Puns Competition Wrap-up

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This below is a screendump of our status update on Facebook ( announcing the winner of a competition we ran on Twitter over the course of 3 days where a dinner for four at my restaurant was up for grabs for the best Malaysian food movie pun submission.  There were so many witty entries I thought it worth sharing here again; the Malaysians among us in particular should find this entertaining.


We had so much fun with the #jackiempuns competition, with some 130 entries submitted over 3 days…

Honorable mentions go to @craighind, @vanityfare1, @foodboozeshoes and @thestrawberrythief, and for sheer prolificity, @bob_dambergs and @leedrick; of course, if @tfptweets weren’t the judge, she would be hard to beat with some of her gems.

First of all, the WTH award goes to @adamgdunn for – Deuce Bigalow, Bapa Ayam (I know, right? UNSW…enough said)

Anyway, here’s a very incomplete list of some of the standout entries –

VanityFare1 – Valley of the Cendols | Sex and the Satay

craighind – Who Framed Rojak Rabbit? | Kuih Bill | Longan of Arabia

strawberrythief – Soy Story | A Fistful of Dodol | Ayam Sam

foodboozeshoes – Mary Popiah | No Kaya for Old Men

FoodOracle – Satay Night Fever

hanscrw – The Bak Kut Teh List

TFPtweets – Rambutan: First Blood | Chee Cheong Fun with Dick and Jane | Mee Siam Impossible | Dude, Where’s My Kaya? | American Pie Tee | The Bridge on the River Kuih | Ayam Legend | Murtabak on the Bounty | Kang Kong

repaistre – Kopi-cat

dave_ske – Bridge over the River [char] Kwai [teow]

pet_dentist – Stand by Mee

The very well-deserved winner has to be @doully,

for, among others – Har Meen Girls | The Picture of Durian Gray | There’s Sambal about Mary | The Shawshank Rendang-tion | Kapitan America | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Ais Campur

Congrats @doully, we’ll be seeing you soon at our restaurant for a complimentary dinner for 4!

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