Melaka: Satay Celup, Klebang Coconut Shake, Nyonya Food And More

I remember it was during my first trip to Melaka that I tried Satay Celup, which consists of skewered meat, fish balls, seafood, vegetables and everything in between cooked in a thin peanut gravy. It felt like a cross between steamboat (aka hotpot) and satay; I only ever had it once – it was a literal case of so much food, so little time in Melaka – so I never got to truly appreciate it.

My Masters of Malaysian Cuisine (MOMC) chef and Melaka native Debbie Teoh on the other hand, has a special fondness for this dish, as she explains in our first episode of Street Food Journeys: Malaysia, before giving us a lesson on how to make it.

Click here to watch the 26-minute episode: Street Food Journeys: Melaka

Klebang Coconut Shake, like Satay Celup, is synonymous with Melaka; I was introduced to this refreshing drink on a separate trip by my tour guide, Shaukani Abbas. In my segment, I demonstrate how to make a simplified coconut shake to our Masters of Malaysian cuisine co-founder, South African Paul Gray.

We also get to talk to Jennifer Tan whose parents Donald and Lily started out as hawkers in Melaka before eventually establishing their own internationally-acclaimed eatery that specialises in Nyonya food. We hope to share more hawker stories throughout the rest of the series, because I believe they are an important part of the culinary history of Malaysia (my own parents were hawkers in Seremban back in the day).

Multi award-winning tour guide Shaukani Abbas (whom we have to thank for the video footage of Melaka) gives us a glimpse of the sights in Melaka town, and we get to check out the interior of a Peranakan house courtesy of the Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum.

Our good friends The JetLag Warriors, who spent a year in Malaysia last year thanks to Covid-19, give us their take on Satay Celup from when they travelled to Malaysia’s birthplace. Finally, our MOMC chefs Bob Adnin and Debbie Teoh answer the question: “What dishes do you think of when you think of Melaka?”

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Putting together a series like this without being able to travel to Malaysia thanks to Australia’s borders being closed, is a challenge I relish – I’m hustling everyone I know for content and footage, and making Paul burn the midnight oil to stitch it all together. I hope in the process we get to entertain and educate our audience in equal measures, and get everyone to start making plans for when we can travel again.

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