My Malaysian Cookbooks Free For A Limited Time Only

Folks, this is your chance to get the eBook versions of two of my Malaysian cookbooks (along with a bonus Asian Pantry Ingredients Guide) –

  • Truly Malaysian Street Food At Home
  • Truly Malaysian Breakfasts

Check out the video to see what they look like >>

And all you have to pay is the cost of the USB drive to be shipped out to you. I must admit I’m very conflicted about this because it requires me to spend a decent amount of time copying the files, packing the product and going to the post office, and if you’re overseas, filling out tedious customs declaration forms. (Don’t even get me started on the close call I had with getting ripped off by a scam artist when I tried to source these USB drives from China.)

The point being, grab this offer before I change my mind!


Some of you have asked whether you can just get the online version (ie. to save me the hassle of mailing the product); yes you can (though everyone who buys the USB drive also automatically gets to access these books online as well). So if you only want the online version, here’s the link >> GET JACKIE’S COOKBOOKS ONLINE

Others have asked where they can buy the physical cookbooks; I have a limited number of Truly Malaysian Street Food At Home available, which you can buy as a discounted “upgrade” in both links above, or if you just want the physical cookbook and not the online version, you can get it at my estore >> BUY HARDCOPY VERSION ONLY.

Just a reminder, the eBook version is a recent update but the hardcopy is the original, non-updated version.

There is no hardcopy version of Truly Malaysian Breakfasts available, since that was only ever published as a paid iPad App.

Now I’m exhausted explaining all the above (which were questions that came up over the last few days since I posted the offer on social media), but hit me up if you need any more clarification.

But yes, get your USB drive now before I decide to pull the offer 🙂


Jackie M.

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