How to Make Low-Carb Malaysian Prawn Noodle Soup (Har Meen)


This dish is known by different names depending on which part of Malaysia you grew up in; I know it as har meen (literally prawn noodles), and being pork-averse, I make mine with a combination of prawn and chicken stock, and top it with chicken in lieu of pork. The low-carb version covered in this recipe involves the use of konnyaku noodles (available here in Australia in Japanese or Korean grocery stores, and possibly the health food section of some supermarkets) or, alternatively, zoodles (zucchini strips)

Frankly, since this broadcast, I’ve been more inclined to just bulk up the dish with extra beansprouts, greens and protein, and just skip the noodles altogether. But that’s just me.

Low-Carb Har Meen


Prawn heads and shells from 1kg of prawns

2L chicken stock or water

5 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed

⅓ cup oil

4 Tbsps chicken powder

½ tsp white pepper

2 Tbsp (equivalent) rock sugar or white sugar

Separately poached or boiled –

3 zucchinis, shredded, drenched with salt for 20 minutes & drained OR konnyaku noodles

1 Chicken breast, shredded and tossed with sesame oil, white pepper and salt

Prawns, peeled and sliced in half

3 eggs

2 cups beansprouts

2 bunches kangkung, cut into 3-inch lengths

To assemble –

Fried crispy shallots

Fried sambal belacan (shrimp paste sambal)

Garlic chives, cut into 2-inch lengths


  1. Heat oil in a stock pot, add garlic and brown.
  2. Add prawns and saute until aromatic.
  3. Add chicken stock or water, bring to a simmer
  4. Add chicken powder, pepper and sugar.
  5. Simmer for 30-60 minutes, adjust seasoning, then strain out prawn shells.
  6. Assemble noodles (if using) and vegetables; top with soup followed by chicken, prawns, half a boiled egg, crispy shallots, garlic chives and a spoonful of sambal. Serve with a separate side of sambal.


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