12 Ways To Use Musang King Durian

Musang King durian is considered by many Malaysians as the king of durian varieties, with a flavour that’s more potent and flesh that’s firmer and richer than the frozen Thai durians that Australians might have encountered in the freezer section of their Asian supermarket. Nowadays, at least here in Sydney, we’re pretty lucky that we can find frozen Musang King Durian from Malaysia sold in boxes, or even in the shell.

If you’re Malaysian like me, there’s a strong likelihood that your favourite way to eat durian is to have it straight; nonetheless, there are lots of creative ways to incorporate it into your cooking, especially when first introducing durian flavours to the uninitiated.

Here are 12 suggestions on how to use durian, as compiled from the chefs in my Masters of Malaysian Cuisine group plus yours truly (6-minute video) >> https://youtu.be/3cjDm1wqWys

Some of the recipes which work really well with musang king durian include:

(by Debbie Teoh – Nyonya Cuisine Expert) –

  • Snow Skin Mooncakes
  • Butter Cake
  • Various Kuihs

(by Bob Adnin – Host of Chef Bob Cooking) –

  • Serawa Durian (durian sauce, which can be used to serve with kuih dadar (coconut-filled pancakes) or with sticky rice

(by Rene Juefri – Michelin-trained Executive Chef of 5-Star Dubai Hotel) –

  • Lempeng Durian (Malay pancakes)

(by Zaleha Olpin – That Rendang Lady from MasterChef UK) –

  • Tempoyak (Fermented Durian)

(by yours truly) –

  • Durian Ice Cream
  • Durian Kaya
  • Durian Ais Cendol or Ais Kacang (shaved ice drink/dessert)
  • Durian Spring Rolls
  • Durian Fritters
  • Durian Tarts
  • Durian Bread & Butter Pudding

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Thanks to the Malaysian Agriculture Counsellor Office, Sydney, for the durians supplied for this post!


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