Malaysian Street Food: Why this hidden treasure is my passion… [Part 2]

Hobby Cook, Passionate about Asian Cuisine, or just want a new skill set in your kitchen?


We spoke about Malaysian Food a little on the last page, but we didn’t get down to the juicy bits: 


Malaysian Street Food!


This is my passion. It is the WHY behind the last 20 years of my life. 


Let me give you a little context.


Malaysia is renowned for its street food scene, it has some of the most highly regarded dishes in the global street food scene. 


But there’s one small problem – most street food hawkers are very secretive about their recipes, or they don’t pass their recipes on to later generations (most of their children end up working STEM-based jobs, as a form of financial security).


AND because of this, most of these dishes are lost to the annals of history, or poorly recreated by cookbook creators.


So my why has been to find, develop, and recreate these Street Food dishes, so that a wider audience can enjoy them. I have shared them through my restaurant, prepared meals, and more recently, my cookbooks.


This has all been leading to one thing, being able to teach others these skills, recipes and dishes, so that both my heritage and the heritage of Malaysian Street Food is kept alive. 


So this is the part I seamlessly transition into your promised gift (which is kind of a gift to me too, the gift of keeping Malaysian street food cuisine Alive).     


Your Special Surprise:




As Malaysian Street Food (the real stuff from hawkers) is something that doesn’t have much of a written history, it can be hard to find recipes and preparations of these tasty ‘secret’ dishes. 


So I want to give you a small gift for reading my long and winding post about passion and cooking: My Malaysian Street Food Academy Mini-Course.


Where over 20 years of discovery have been distilled into small bite-sized videos that will give you the basics to Malaysian Street Food (and even have you whipping up one of my favourite dishes!)

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