Malaysian Street Food: Why this hidden treasure is my passion… [Part 1]

Cooking is an emotional activity, there’s no denying that. Both the activity itself, and the history behind each ingredient, utensil or dish you serve up.


A certain taste can take you back to your childhood, remind you of your first date with your wife, or bring back a memory with your now late parent(s). 


It certainly does for me. This one of the core reasons I have become so involved with the cooking industry, particularly Malaysian Street Food. 


It takes me back to my parents’ stall, around which all my siblings grew up.


And losing those dishes would be like losing a part of me, my heritage and my family.


So over the past 20 years, I have spent lots of time, money and effort to find, recreate and redevelop these dishes, so that they aren’t lost memories. 


Do you have similar experiences with food? Does it bring that warm feeling to your stomach (and I’m not talking about the warmth from eating it)? 


Be it a dish from your childhood, or a dish you discovered on holiday, in a little dive bar in your local city, or something you learnt from a recipe that is now a staple when your friends come over…


  • Are you passionate about honing a skill that will change your cooking life forever?
  • Do you want to discover the lost art of Malaysian Street Food Cuisine? (That has taken 20+ years to find, recreate and piece together again)
  • Do you want to join a community that is also passionate about food, wants to grow their cooking skills as well, and will be there to spur on your cooking talents?


If you’re a passionate foodie (and I’m sure you are, or else you wouldn’t have read this far), I have a special surprise waiting for you at the end of the next page, but..


Before that, let’s go a little deeper into Malaysian Street Food Cuisine, the ins and outs, and how simple it can be to bring these tastes to life in your own kitchen…


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