Who Are You??

I hate carrying on about my “accomplishments”, not because I’m sooo modest (I’m not), but because I honestly get bored doing it; my sister reminded me recently about how I didn’t even bother attending my graduation ceremony at Sydney University 27 years ago because I didn’t want to spend money hiring a ridiculous graduation gown, so I asked them to mail me my diploma instead. Truth is, I’m already focused on the next thing every time, and in my hubris I assume everybody knows who I am and what I’m about.

Big mistake.

I could list all the instances where this has worked against me, but I’m kind of too bored to do so right now (maybe later). Anyhow, now that I’m launching my Malaysian Street Food Academy, I figured it would make sense for you to know my background.

Hence this video (I couldn’t even watch the whole thing in one sitting, that’s how bored I get about this topic); nevertheless, it’s necessary for establishing context, ie. why I’m probably your best bet if you want to learn to cook all your favourite Malaysian and Singaporean street food, and do so at an expert level. Click to watch >>




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