Taste Of Chinatown Food Tour

Did you know that the location of Sydney’s Chinatown today was actually the third since it was established? I learned that along with lots of other fascinating historical facts thanks to the Taste of Chinatown food tour I attended a few evenings ago.

While I consider myself pretty familiar with Chinatown – one of my first weekend jobs after arriving in Australia back in the 80s was at Choy’s Inn restaurant as a yum cha trolley pusher – I’ve found over the years that I’ve tended to stick to “safe” dining options when I visit.

Thanks to this tour, I had the chance to eat at hole-in-the-wall places and experience food that I never would have thought to try otherwise. All the selections were based on our guide’s inside knowledge on the best of specific dishes found in Chinatown. Here are some of the highlights from the evening –

Our tour guide Patrick giving us a quick rundown at the start of our tour

Scrumptious handmade noodles with chicken

KFC – Korean Fried Chicken!

Emperor Puffs filled with custard

A Chinese Tea House

All the tea in China…

Malaysian Nasi Lemak

Durian ice cream

Fabulous northern Chinese lamb dumplings

Scottish visitors who, despite the misfortune of visiting Sydney in what must be our wettest few weeks ever, managed to enjoy themselves during the evening

I joined the tour as a guest of Taste Cultural Food Tours, a social enterprise and charity that was established to create training programmes and employment opportunities for migrants, refugees and local youth. You can find out more about their events and book your tickets at https://www.tastetours.com.au.  

I plan to attend a few more, so you never know, you might bump into me at an upcoming one 🙂

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