My Food Philosophy

When I started my Malaysian food business in Sydney back in the 90s, my mission was to recreate the flavours of my favourite dishes that I missed so much from my upbringing in Malaysia.

This culinary raison d’être has by and large remained intact to this day, much to the chagrin of fad dieters and allergy sufferers. I do dabble in shortcuts, ingredient substitutions, kitchen hacks etc., plus I don’t eat pork so I omit it from my recipes.

I’m also mindful that in order to demystify Asian cooking to my (largely) Western audience, I sometimes need to compromise on techniques and ingredients to make the recipes easier to replicate.

By and large however, I’m pretty old school and stubborn as far as trying to remain faithful to original flavours and recipes, and that includes the use of unfashionable ingredients like msg, though I always maintain you’re welcome to leave them out.

In an ideal world, I’d love to be able to cater to all special dietary requests but absent a large research team behind me, I’m generally inclined to cook food the way I like it and the way I remember it from my Malaysian childhood. Please feel free however, to drop me a line should you have any questions about my recipes; I’m always happy to engage in conversations of substance 🙂

Jackie M.



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