Malaysian restaurateur tries to put herself out of business by sharing ALL her cooking secrets. (Press Release)

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Anyone who’s followed Jackie M’s food operations through the years would know she’s a reluctant restaurateur at the best of times.  She’s tried and failed on more than one occasion to close the doors to her restaurant, only to keep it open due to persistent demands for her food.

So when Jackie M announced she’s running a series of 5 Cooking Masterclasses at The Grace Hotel, it was only natural to think it’s her latest attempt to put herself out of business – as the saying goes, “…teach them to fish…” and all that.

If you’re one of those people who keep missing her restaurant trading time (she does open a grand total of 15 hours a week after all – and that’s in a good week), or have trouble getting to her Concord location, this is your opportunity to learn hands-on how to make some of her most popular taste-tested dishes yourself.

The Masterclasses are held every Sunday between now and 23 December 2012 at The Grace Hotel from 1pm – for more details, visit

And who knows, once you’re up to speed on all the dishes, there’s this Malaysian restaurant in Concord with a motivated seller…

Contact: / 0425 797 718

The Grace Hotel Lobby & Brasserie –


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