Jackie M’s Twitch Live Asian Kitchen Update 3

Never a dull moment on Twitch, where I broadcast my Live Asian Kitchen, and that’s how I like it. They introduced a new feature which allows me to add past broadcasts to a playlist on my channel, so I’ve been taking full advantage of it. Now, when you visit www.JackieM.Live when I’m not livestreaming, you are more likely to see a replay of a past broadcast, than a banner that says “JackieMFood Is Currently Offline”. Me gusta mucho.

Thanks to my overnight replays, I now wake up to more new followers each morning, than I do during the day or when I’m actually livestreaming, which tells me Twitch people –

1) stay up all night, and

2) presumably sleep all day

My new demographic, in other words, are Vampires.

Screenshot of my Twitch video library. FYI the numbers on the top left show the Replay counts only; they don’t include figures from my live broadcast audience. Pretty cool, huh?


So if you’ve been put off by the “This channel is currently offline” message in the past, do go ahead and visit www.JackieM.Live ; in the immediate future (or at least until Twitch decides to ban me for overusing the feature), you should stand a good chance of catching one of my replays.

You can’t really blame me for going for it; I’ve hit 100,000 views in 4 short months thanks largely to replays.

If you’re looking to collaborate with me either as a guest or as a brand, get in touch!



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