Seremban Girl and Memories of Malaysia

A couple of years ago someone in a Malaysian Facebook Group posted a link to – a blog they’d stumbled upon, and which they’d enjoyed reading (well I think they did). They were wondering if anyone knew who the owner was.

It occurred to me then that I should probably edit the Seremban Girl About Me page to include references to my Sydney identity.

Long before I started posting at, I used to write on the WordPress blogging platform with the tagline – Experiences of a girl from Seremban who left everything behind for a new life in Australia.

As you can guess, it consisted of my personal memories of Malaysia and my experiences as a migrant in Australia.

When the latest incarnation of was being developed, my consultant felt strongly I should keep my personal and public profiles separate, although she did eventually concede to adding a link to Seremban Girl in one of the dropdown menus.

Ever since Noah came into the picture however, the line between my business life and my personal life has almost completely disappeared. Each time I want to write a new post for Seremban Girl (which has been bereft of new content for nearly a year) I’m inclined to post it here as well, since a lot of you do follow Noah’s progress very closely.

I think the time has come to migrate the posts across from Seremban Girl so everything is centralised, I can add new content without worrying about where it should go, and you might get a glimpse into the reason behind a lot of my work and life choices.

I’ve tweaked my homepage so the Seremban Girl and other personal posts are in the middle column, and separate from the food/travel ones which now sit on the left.

To get things started, here’s the “Why I started this Blog” aka About Me page at Seremban Girl (by the way it says I’m 43 “as I start this blog” – keep in mind this was in 2010) –




Born in Malaysia, I migrated to Australia with my family when I was 17 years old.  My mom died of cancer when I was six; now, as I start this blog at 43, I am her age when she passed away.  This blog, my Memories of Malaysia (MOM) is dedicated to her and includes my earliest childhood memories of mom and how the short time I had with her has impacted everything in my life to date.

Nb.  The header picture on this blog was taken on Chinese New Year in 1973; as it turned out, it would be the last time my mom celebrated the new year, as she would succumb to illness shortly thereafter.  My brother on the right would be killed in a bike accident two years later.

Jackie M,

1 December, 2010


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