Street Food Journeys: Malaysia Series 3 – Plant-Based Edition (Media Release)


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Street Food Journeys Goes Plant-Based with Tourism Malaysia for Series 3

Sydney, NSW (25 Oct, 2021) Jackie M today announced a new 4-episode Street Food Journeys video series in partnership with Tourism Malaysia Australia, and this time, the focus will be on plant-based Malaysian meals.

In this third instalment of the popular series, those on a plant-based diet will be treated to a vegetarian and vegan line-up of cooking segments, tips and food discoveries.

“Street Food Journeys has inspired and engaged viewers and food lovers from all over the world with its exploration of Malaysia’s deliciously authentic flavours.” said Jackie M, producer and host of Street Food Journeys. “Series 3 takes the next step, which is to educate our viewers on which Malaysian dishes are plant-based and which can be easily tweaked or adapted to suit their plant-based diets.”

The series covers four popular Malaysian tourist destinations, namely Penang, Melaka, Sarawak and Kuala Lumpur. Each episode includes cooking demonstrations on how to recreate vegan or vegetarian versions of famous dishes from these places, as presented by Jackie M. and her guest chefs from Masters of Malaysian Cuisine. The JetLag Warriors and Ken Abroad give their verdict on plant-based dishes they come across in their food hunts, to help viewers plan their next Malaysian adventure.

Jackie M. said, “Imagine taking the stress out of your upcoming Malaysian holiday when you know exactly what food to order, where to find them, and how to recreate these dishes in your own kitchen.”

Street Food Journeys: Malaysia – Plant-Based Edition airs Sundays at 9pm Aust EDT starting 31 October. Viewers can catch each episode on and on all of Jackie M’s and Masters of Malaysian Cuisine’s online platforms.

Here follows a break-down of the episodes and destinations:

Episode 1: Penang (31 October)
Episode 2: Melaka (7 November)
Episode 3: Kuala Lumpur (14 November)
Episode 4: Sarawak (21 November)

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