30 Days 30 Malaysian Cooking Tips – Full Playlist

Several weeks ago, I decided to go Live every day for 30 days as part of a #GoLive30Challenge started by Paul Gray, the founder of The ACG Method and my co-founder in Food Fame. Over the course of the next 30 days, I did a daily live broadcast from my personal Facebook profile, covering Malaysian cooking tips. These are techniques, hacks, cost/time/sanity savers etc. which I’ve learned over the course of two decades of running (originally) a bricks and mortar Malaysian food business here in Sydney, Australia, and (now) teaching people to cook Malaysian food online.

I’ve collated these videos into a playlist here, so you can access the content easily >>

I hope you find the information useful; here’s a list of the topics covered, for your quick reference –

Day 1: Fried Onions/Fried Shallots Hack

Day 2: Garlic Substitutes – Which Ones Are Good etc.

Day 3: Types of Woks – What To Buy & How To Use

Day 4: Asian Grocery Shopping Tips

Day 5: Spice Paste (Rempah) Frying Hack

Day 6: Coconut Rice Easy Cooking Hack

Day 7: Kaya (Coconut & Pandan Jam) Easy Cooking Tips

Day 8: Tapioca/Corn/Potato Starch – Differences And Use In Asian Cooking

Day 9: Tamarind – Types And How To Use/Prepare Them

Day 10: Fresh vs Powdered Spices – How To Use/Convert Them

Day 11: Malaysian Soft-Boiled Eggs Easy Tips

Day 12: Malaysian Curry Powder Tips

Day 13: Cendol/Tapioca Noodles – Easy Tips

Day 14: Frozen Asian Ingredients Shopping & Usage

Day 15: Airfryer – 10 Suitable Asian Dishes For Airfryers

Day 16: Fish Paste – Quick & Easy Way To Make It

Day 17: Shrimp Paste – Buying & Using Tips

Day 18: Fried Radish Cake Cooking Tips

Day 19: Kerisik aka Coconut Butter – Easy Tip

Day 20: Curry Puff Filling – Quick & Easy Hack For The Filling

Day 21: Thick vs Sweet Soya Sauce – Differences

Day 22: Hainanese Chicken Rice Tips

Day 23: Char Kway Teow – Cooking Tips

Day 24: Chicken Powder/Mushroom Seasoning

Day 25: Thin Egg Noodles Tips

Day 26: Dried Chilli Types

Day 27: Acar Making – Shortcut Tips

Day 28: Rice Vermicelli Preparation Tips

Day 29: Roti Canai Dough Tips

Day 30: Popiah Skin Tips

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