How To Cook Crispy Noodles With Sauce

You may have come across a number of different iterations of crispy noodles depending on the type of Asian restaurant you frequent; in this Lockdown Malaysian Cook-Along (yes, I’ll explain in a bit) I made 2 different versions – one using vermicelli (aka rice sticks, depending on the brand), and one using fresh thin egg noodles (aka wonton noodles). I also made them with slightly different sauces – one using egg and the other without.

Here’s the recording of the live broadcast, which I’ve now uploaded to YouTube >>

So back to the cook-along thing, if you’ve only now stumbled upon my website, the deal is that in response to the Covid-19 lockdown environment, a number of people reached out to me about doing live cook-along broadcasts to cater to those stuck at home and wanting to learn some new Malaysian recipes. So I basically came out of what was essentially a 3-year sabbatical from mainstream live video platforms (I had been streaming on Twitch) and came back to Facebook and, by extension, YouTube.

This particular broadcast was actually the fourth in the series, though if I can clean up random tech issues with some of the earlier ones, I’ll upload them onto YouTube and share them here as well, when I find the time. (Pro tip: not generally a good idea to upload anything onto YouTube that has poor audio quality, unless you want to deal with trolls and downvotes.)

Facebook is a bit flaky in terms of showing my broadcasts or notifying people who have RSVP’d, so to make sure you catch them all, your best bet is to join my free Facebook group 👉

Download the recipe for Crispy Noodles here >> Jackie M’s Lockdown Cook-Along Crispy Noodles Recipe

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