Wok Around Asia – Asian Cooking Mastery With Jackie M.

Folks, I’m excited to announce the imminent launch of Wok Around Asia – my online Asian Cooking Mastery coaching programme that I’ve been working on for months.

Many of you know me through my restaurant, the Orange Grove Farmers’ Market and the Hyde Park Night Noodle Markets (and all the other online and TV stuff), but my formative years in food actually started in the early 90s.

Back when I was working in an office, I used to operate monthly food stalls as Bonza Nyonya (good name, right?) in Kirribilli and Mosman, where I sold satays and introduced Australia to my famous “gourmet satay dog”.

Anyway, since I closed my restaurant in 2013, and prematurely quit OGM a couple of years after that because of Baby Noah, I’ve continued to be asked if I would ever open another eatery etc.

Right now, the only way you can eat my food (CKT & curry puffs) is if you front up at lunchtime at Concord Hospital Market on Thursdays.

This will change with the launch of Wok Around Asia – where you’ll have the opportunity to learn to cook all the dishes and learn all the secret Asian recipes that have taken me over 27 years to master; not just that, you’ll have me as your personal cooking coach.

(Fun fact – one of Australia’s famous TV chefs asked me to coach them years ago and I turned them down, so grab this opportunity while you can, because with Noah etc. who knows how long I’ll be able to keep doing this.)

The course will be run online so you can join from anywhere, anytime. All the course materials are yours to keep forever (videos, downloadables, coaching sessions) so you can keep going back to refer to them.

More on everything soon, I promise; I just wanted to quickly publish this post after weeks of passing mentions of it on social media.

I have an incredible never-to-be-repeated pre-launch offer but you MUST sign up to my waiting list at www.WokAroundAsia.com and I’ll get in touch soon – the offer will NOT be announced publicly.

This would be the perfect Christmas gift for someone you know who might aspire to cook restaurant-quality Asian & Malaysian food (whether for personal reasons or if they want to open their own restaurant some day), so make sure you don’t miss my upcoming messages in your email inbox.

Jackie M.


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