How to Make Sweet Potato Dumplings with Red Bean Paste Filling


These sweet potato dumplings are pretty easy to make; you can used ready-to-use red bean paste (in cans or packs at your local Asian grocery store), though in this Live Asian Kitchen, I used the homemade red bean paste I’d made a couple of weeks earlier. Other popular filling options include lotus seed paste or mung bean paste.

The recipe for this is from the Chopsticks Recipes Dim Sum cookbook by Cecilia Au-Yang that I’ve owned for decades; as usual, I’ve made some tweaks to it, albeit very minor ones.

Sweet Potato Dumplings with Red Bean Paste Filling


Pastry –

220g sweet potatoes, cubed and steamed until soft (about 15 minutes)

30g lard or butter

120g glutinous rice flour

Filling –

220g sweet red bean paste

Coating –

½ cup sesame seeds, rinse and strained


Oil for deep-frying


  1. Divide sweet red bean paste into 24 portions and roll into olive-shaped balls.
  2. Mash sweet potatoes, add lard and mix well.
  3. Add glutinous rice flour to mix to a soft dough. Divide into 24 equal portions.
  4. Flatten one portion into an oval shape, then place a piece of red bean paste in the middle. Wrap and shape into a cylindrical shape.
  5. Coat with sesame seeds; press them gently into the dumplings.
  6. Heat oil to 170’C, then deep-fry the dumplings until golden brown, turning to make sure they’re evenly cooked.
  7. Remove and drain on paper towels.
  8. Allow to cool until they’re just warm before serving.


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