How to Make Indonesian Sup Soto (Low Carb)

I was hesitant to call this a Soto since its defining characteristic is the use of compressed rice squares (ketupat) simmered in soup, and with the whole low-carb thing, I’m severely restricting my rice consumption. Instead, I added some coconut powder (I would have used coconut cream or coconut  milk but I didn’t have any on hand) to compensate for the absence of rice, and frankly, because I think it tastes nicer that way. FYI while soto is best known in Indonesia, it can also be found in parts of Malaysia.


Sup Soto


1 piece chicken breast, poached, cooled and shredded

2 cups beansprouts, blanched

½ lemon (optional)

2 eggs, boiled and halved

6 pieces white medium firm tofu, fried until browned, then quartered

2 ketupat (compressed rice squares), cooked and cut into squares – (omit if opting for low-carb)


1 onion, quartered

5 cloves garlic

1-inch piece of ginger

30g Sup Soto spice mix or mild curry powder mix

1-inch stick of cinnamon (optional)

2 star anises (optional)

1 ½ L water or chicken stock

250ml coconut milk (optional)

3 Tbsps chicken powder

2 Tbsps oil

Fresh coriander and sliced spring onion for garnishing


  1. Combine onion, garlic and ginger and blend in food processor.
  2. Transfer into a deep saucepan and fry until most of the moisture has evaporated.
  3. Add oil and saute until browned.
  4. Add spice mix and fry until aromatic.
  5. Add water, coconut milk, chicken powder and cinnamon and star anises.
  6. Simmer for 10 minutes; adjust seasoning, then remove from heat.
  7. Arrange chicken tofu, egg, ketupat and beansprouts in a bowl; top with soup and serve optionally with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and sambal.

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