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Twitch.tv/JackieMFoodI’ve been doing Live videos for years and bounced around a few different platforms without much hoo-hah (I know, people think I’m everywhere online, but I promise I usually have my head stuck so deep in my work that the marketing and promotional aspects are mostly an afterthought).

This latest Live video iteration however, is substantive and different enough that I thought I should probably write about it.

Also, since announcing that I’m going to be broadcasting from Twitch.tv, I’ve had a number of people comment/call me to ask what on earth this Twitch thing might be.

So what is Twitch.tv and how is it different?

Twitch is the world’s leading live video platform and community for gamers. (No, I’ve never played a video game in my life and that’s not about to change.) It was acquired by Amazon.com early 2016 and it’s now expanded its range to incorporate other creative content, including food.

I’ve checked it out and I really like the technical bells and whistles – multi-camera setups (which means you can get close-ups of my techniques), scene changes, pre-rolls, overlays, bringing guests on via Skype, and much more. I also like the potential for enhanced community interaction.

Close-up camera shots will be a feature of my Twitch broadcasts

Close-up camera shots will be a feature of my Twitch broadcasts

I have to admit that my experience when broadcasting to YouTube in particular, and Facebook to some extent, is that people watching my videos lack the necessary attention span to sit through some of the content. The effect of that is that I often rush through my presentations, and also eliminate some longer recipes from consideration.

Twitch broadcasts that I’ve come across seem to last a lot longer, and a large part of the appeal is that instead of streaming to an impatient audience, it’s more like you’re hanging out virtually with friends.

I’ve got quite a few ideas lined up for Twitch.tv – I’m sure some will turn out to be duds, but I’d like to think that future generations of livestreaming chefs will one day thank me for my trailblazing work in this sphere 😉

So if you want to learn everything I know about Asian and Southeast Asian cooking, I’d love for you to follow me there – Twitch.tv/JackieMFood – and catch my broadcasts which are scheduled (at the moment) for 3 x per week.

The schedule is up on my Twitch profile page, and if you click on the link under the Schedule header, it should display it in your local time (technology is so clever).

Week 1 Giveaways - Lychee and Longan rice wines

Week 1 Giveaways – Lychee and Longan rice wines exclusively from the Australian distributor

A few things –

  • I’m looking for guests to interview and/or cook along on my show; if you can make it to my Kogarah location, message me at media@jackiem.com.au and let’s get you On Air with me.
  • You can also join me as a virtual guest via Skype. You don’t need to know how to cook; I want a good mix of people with compelling stories.
Join me in my studio or via Skype as a cook-along guest during my show

Join me in my studio or via Skype as a cook-along guest during my show

  • I’ve already got some Giveaways lined up so make sure you tune in for a chance to score them.
  • If you’re a restaurant or destination that wants me to film a segment to integrate into one of my future broadcasts, let me know.
  • If you’re media wanting to get my insights on live video streaming in the context of food and cooking, you know how to find me 🙂
  • Finally, please share Twitch.tv/JackieMFood with all your friends and family so I’m not talking into a vacuum when I launch 😉

Thank you and I look forward to your company on Twitch 🙂

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