Video – Baby Noah on Channel Ten’s Studio Ten

This is the interview I did on Studio Ten last Friday regarding baby Noah and the controversy about having him with me at my markets (I haven’t watched it; I steer clear of watching myself on TV). Noah was meant to have been in the studio with me but he was unusually unsettled that morning (typical!) so someone had to keep him company out in the courtyard. Thank you to everyone at Channel Ten for your patience and grace that morning in the face of a crying toddler 🙂

My heartfelt thanks also to everyone for your ongoing support and in particular to the incredible women at the Inner West Mums Facebook group who rallied together to raise funds that will be used by Carnival Cruises to give Noah and me a holiday.

In all honesty I’m a little embarrassed at the level of attention this has garnered, yet at the same time I am reminded of an early comment about the OGM story by someone who had similarly faced disability discrimination in her life. In exhorting me to return to the market, she said (I’m paraphrasing) – You can’t give up; you need to fight this. You have a voice. You need to speak for all of us.

This is why I posted about this latest incident, and why I agreed to the Inner West Mums’ offer of a free holiday. In doing so, I hope to help raise awareness about an issue faced by other parents, in particular those raising children with special needs.






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