Fish and Hunt Australia – Quick Laksa Recipe

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This is the Curry Laksa I made on Foxtel’s Fish and Hunt Australia Season 8, airing June 2015 onwards.


We all love the idea of cooking everything from scratch, but I appreciate that not everyone has the time to track down some of the hard-to-decipher and hard-to-find ingredients that go into a Malaysian laksa.

Fun fact – Dollee is one of the largest suppliers of bulk laksa paste to the restaurant industry in Australia – in other words, many of the laksas you pay good money to eat at your favourite Asian restaurant are in fact made using Dollee’s laksa paste.

I honestly think Dollee’s Curry Laksa Paste takes the hard work out of recreating authentic Malaysian flavours for you; it’s made in Malaysia which means its ingredients and recipe closely match what you would find on the ground there (I was about to say “here” because I’m actually travelling in Malaysia as I write this).

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Dollee Curry Laksa with Seafood


– 1 packet of Dollee Curry Laksa Paste 200g (Serves 4 bowls).

– Seafood (I used prawns and fish fillets in the show).

– Rice vermicelli (Can be replaced with pasta).

– Coconut milk or coconut cream 400ml (NB the packet instructions suggest 200ml; I like my laksa quite coconut-y so have amended it here but use your own judgement)

– Garnishing – Coriander or mint leaves

tn_Laksa Steps:

  1. Boil rice vermicelli. Distribute into bowls.
  2. Boil 1200ml water (use 1400ml if using only 200ml coconut milk/cream). Add Dollee Curry Laksa Paste.
  3. Add seafood into the soup.
  4. Just before they are cooked, add coconut milk.
  5. Pour over bowls of noodles.
  6. Top with coriander or mint leaves.

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