How to Use Jackie M Curry Pastes

Chicken Rendang made with the Jackie M Mild Rendang Paste

Chicken Rendang made with the Jackie M Mild Rendang Paste

I’ve been making my own range of Curry Pastes and Sauces for a number of years now, and they’re based on the SAME recipes I used for my Concord restaurant menu and my (very popular but now discontinued) frozen meals range.

If you love Malaysian curries but find the effort involved in tracking down ingredients and prepping them just too overwhelming and time-consuming, this could be the answer.

I don’t add preservatives to my pastes and they’re made in my commercial kitchen right here in Sydney. They come in pouches (refrigerated, but they do keep well for a few days out of the fridge).

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If you’re one of those who used to buy and love my frozen meals, you might (understandably) be resistant to making the change. Here’s my take on why it makes sense to switch – compared to my now-discontinued frozen meals range, these pastes are –

– a lot more versatile – you can use any type of meat/vegetables with them, and you’re not limited to using them for curries – they’re great added to stir-fries and as marinades eg. for fried chicken or grilled meat etc.

– very easy to use – just add water, coconut milk and meat/veg – and simmer until done.

– more resilient – they don’t need to be kept frozen (they last 6 weeks in the fridge, 4 months in the freezer).

– more cost-effective than my meals – each pack is enough for at least 1-1.2kg meat, (more if you stretch it) compared to less than 200g in my meals.

The most common feedback from those who have made the transition from my frozen meals to pastes is that they’re a lot easier to use than they’d expected; they’re invariably delighted with the results (which I think may have something to do with the sense of accomplishment that comes from having a hand in making your meal beyond just microwaving it. Alright I’m being facetious.).

You’d be surprised how many of my customers admit to me they don’t divulge to their friends that the fabulous curry they’ve just been served was in fact made with a Jackie M paste – it’s become their secret weapon in the kitchen.

I don’t make big batches of these pastes per production run, so I often run out of some of the range pretty quickly.

This is the current range, though I often tweak it –

The current range of Jackie M Pastes and Sauces includes –

Hot Rendang Paste

Mild Rendang Paste

Seafood Curry Paste

Vegetarian Curry Paste

Malaysian Curry Paste

Kapitan Curry Paste

Kaffir Lime Curry Paste

Laksa Paste

Sambal Belacan


Char Kway Teow Sauce

Visit to order online; I ship to most parts of Australia. Alternatively, of course, you can pick them up from Orange Grove Farmers’ Market on Saturdays – details here >>

Jackie M Curry Pastes (fresh off the kitchen).

Jackie M Curry Pastes (fresh off the kitchen).


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