Crab Carnival at The Morrison

I rarely attend media launches but decided I couldn’t pass up on the 2015 Crab Carnival held at the Morrison Bar and Oyster Room. I LOVE shellfish and especially crab, and I like supporting fellow chefs and food producers.

Excuse me, waiter, there's a crab claw in my drink...

Excuse me, waiter, there’s a crab claw in my drink…

I turned up with #babyNoah in tow (this is my M.O., FYI – meetings, travel, invitations – Noah is part of the equation) and was immediately grateful to see I wasn’t the only one with kids there.

Baby Noah eyeing the seashell from my table setting with suspicion.

Baby Noah eyeing the seashell from my table setting with suspicion.

The best part of the night has to be my good fortune at sharing a table with some Aussies (read: white people – to those who might take exception) who have never tackled eating crab on the shell before. They tried attacking them with forks and knives and gave up early in the proceedings – which meant I got to eat the bulk of the Crab and Corn Chowder and the Chilli Mud Crab brought to our table. Next time I get an invite to a steak launch I’m going to find some vegetarians to sit with.


There was a crab eating competition (somebody should’ve nominated me – I could have been a contender!)  and a hermit crab race thrown in for good measure.

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Chilli crab eating competition - photo credit Amy Mackay.

Chilli crab eating competition – photo credit Amy Mackay.

Anyhow here’s the press release for the Crab Carnival – it runs to 24 April, so get yourself there soon 🙂


SYDNEY – 1.4.15 Sydney’s own authentic New York style Brasserie, The Morrison Bar & Oyster launched its unrivalled Crab Carnival last night. Guests tried out this year’s new crab menu, crab cocktails, enjoyed crab races, and brave participants got involved in a crab eating contest with owner and Head Chef Sean Connolly.

 Following on from last year’s success, this year’s carnival promises to be even more crabtastic with an extended extra 2 weeks of activities.  Running from March 30th through April 24th 2015, this twenty-six day carnival will see crab fans tantalising their tastebuds with a crab inspired menu curated by celebrity chef Sean Connolly. There will be daily menu specials throughout the carnival as well as crab themed cocktails, the return of crazy crab races and another challenging mud crab eating contest that will test even the greatest of crab aficionados. This is cloud nine for crustacean fans.

 What: The Morrison’s Crab Carnival

When: 30th March – 24th April 2015

Where: The Morrison & Oyster Room- 225 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Key Dates:

·         The Crab Races – the races will be on Thursday April 2nd and April 16th. Each hermit crab will be numbered and the Morrison will hold a $5 sweep.

·         The Crab Eating Contest – this will be held on Tuesday 7th April. Sean and a gathering of his Chef friends will compete and the public can join them for a mud crab eating contest (*fee included)

Managing Director of Solar D, Mathew Collett and Account Manager of The Urban List Daniel Harris take on the Chili Mud Crab Challenge against Sean Connolly Carnival at The Morrison Bar CREDIT Amy Mackay

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