How to Cook Penang Mee Mamak

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Penang Mee Mamak, aka Mee Goreng, has its own nuances compared to the Mee Goreng I grew up with down in the southern part of Malaysia.

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Penang Mee Mamak typically uses thin egg noodles (not too dissimilar to Maggi Mee ie. instant noodles) whereas I’m more familiar with the version that uses thick hokkien noodles.

This demonstration by Chef Siva of Hotel Jen, Penang, also uses a sauce that serves a dual purpose as the sauce base for Sambal Sotong ie. Squid Sambal.

This is the third video in the Fay and Jackie Tour series where we went on the hunt for Penang’s best eats.

Recipe –

Mee Mamak (Fried Noodles)
(Serves 1 Person)


Prawn Meat 60gm
Beansprout 30gm
Choy Sum 30gm
Potato Boiled & Diced 20gm
Tomatoes Diced 20gm
Egg 1
Chili Paste sambal 15gm
Yellow Noodle 150gm
Chili Sauce 20gm
Dark Soya Sauce 10gm
Light Soya Sauce 15gm
White Bean curd (deep fried diced) 20gm
Chopped garlic 5gm
Cooking oil 30ml
Lime 1
Cucumber 20gm

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