How to Cook Penang Char Kway Teow

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Penang Char Kway Teow could arguably be the one dish that puts Penang Island head and shoulders over the rest of Malaysia in the culinary stakes. Chef Siva of Hotel Jen reveals the 3 sauce ingredients that go into a traditional Penang CKT recipe, and also shows how it’s cooked.

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This is the second video in the Fay and Jackie Tour series where we went on the hunt for Penang’s best eats.

Recipe –

Penang Char Kway teow

1 person


Kway Teow 150gm
Prawn meat 60gm
Bean sprouts 30gm
Chives 10gm
Egg 1
Chili Paste 10ml
Chopped garlic 5ml
Spring onion 5gm
Fried shallot 5gm
Cooking oil 30ml
Soya sauce 10ml
Oyster sauce 10ml
Dark soya sauce 5ml

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