Oh My Goatness, She’s Finally Goat-ten Around to It –

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aka My much-delayed Goat Pun Competition Winner announcement


Once upon a time I ran a Goat pun competition – it had to do with this charity Great Goat Curry Cook-Off I was involved in – but more on that in a separate post.

Back to the goat puns, the rules in a nutshell – pretty much everything goes, as long as it makes us laugh.

Apart from the inevitable “Turn back the Goats”, “Stop the Goats”, “No Kidding” entries, here are some highlights 🙂

Forking Awesome ‏@Forking_Awesome14 Oct

@jackiemsydney #jackiempun Q: Who is a goat’s favourite Australian musician? A: Goatye.

@jackiemsydney #jackiempun Q: Which Marlon Brando movie is a goat’s favourite? A: The Goatfather.



This opened the floodgates to entries from those who evidently have nothing better to do on weekends than to trawl the internet for goat gifs.  Not naming names, of course <cough> @Forking_Awesome <cough>.  I certainly was taken aback by the abundance of material – who knew Goats were a “thing” on the internet – clearly I need to spend even more time online.


Thank you SO MUCH for everyone’s participation – special mentions to my good buddy @Forking_Awesome – always a great sport and sorely missed when he chooses to sit out a pun comp – and also @pet_dentist , another prolific entrant who doesn’t let a handicap like being a West Australian stop her from producing quality puns 😛


The winner, as picked by my good food blogger friend (I know, despite my occasional – alright, frequent – cheap shots at food bloggers, I do in fact count some of them as friends) The Food Pornographer – is…..quoting directly from her response –

The prize goes to Alethea Cavanaugh for her terrific string of goat pun tweets (14 October)

She really goat on a roll!

Alethea Cavanaugh ‏@MsAletheaC14 Oct

Why are goats afraid of camping? Someone always puts the billy on to boil. #jackiempun #GGCCO

Alethea Cavanaugh ‏@MsAletheaC14 Oct

What is goat’s favourite party? A buck’s night. #jackiempun #GGCCO

Alethea Cavanaugh ‏@MsAletheaC14 Oct

What is a goat’s car of choice? A billy cart. #jackiempun #GGCCO

Alethea Cavanaugh ‏@MsAletheaC14 Oct

What’s a goat’s favourite music award? The billyboards. #jackiempun #GGCCO

Alethea Cavanaugh ‏@MsAletheaC14 Oct

Where do baby goats go to school? Kiddergarten! #jackiempun #GGCCO

What does it mean if a man has goat curry on his beard? He has a goatee! #GGCCO #jackiempun

Alethea Cavanaugh ‏@MsAletheaC14 Oct

Love watching @jackiemsydney working in the KIDchen at night noodle markets! #jackiempun #GGCCO

Aletheia, DM me your address so I can send you your prize!


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